We Are Axis

Exceptional service from highly experienced professionals at a fair price

Our Axis

Richard is a founder and Managing Director and has over 30 years’ (just) experience in commercial credit management and leadership in both small and large organisations. Passionate about driving Axis to be different the business reflects the values which are close to his heart. As a non-solicitor with a credit and legal background, Richard brings a different perspective to achieving success leading a regulated ABS law firm.
Michael is a founder, senior director and compliance office for legal practice having qualified as a solicitor (almost) 20 years ago. With responsibility for the day to day operation of the business as well as heading up the dispute resolution department Michael is client focussed and approachable with strong views on the way a twenty first century professional services business should be.

Axis Professional was founded by Richard Antipas and Michael Devlin as like-minded individuals who don’t like the way most professional firms work (or don’t work) for their clients. So, bringing their expertise and experience in legal and commercial disciplines together the business was formed to be different.

We work flexibly for the benefit of our clients with an emphasis on efficient use of technology. Cost efficiency is at the heart of everything we do which means these savings are passed on to clients, delivering the same advice as expensive firms at a much lower price.

We invest in talent, technology and efficiency so we have the best people working with the best systems in a conducive environment. Being flexible, we encourage our people to work from home or wherever and whenever works for them with an emphasis on objectives and outcomes not hours tied to a desk.

Our people are free to manage their time in a way that benefits them and their clients which means we are not forced to fit into fixed times of the day. With most meetings conducted online we can see clients quicker and provide solutions sooner.

Our emphasis is on delivering quality legal services and not on geography which is why we are not on the high street and we haven’t invested in unnecessarily large offices for our clients to pay for and how we can act for clients anywhere in England & Wales.

Our Journey

Our Values

Approachable, we know we deal with difficult circumstances often using legal jargon – we’re here to help, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.

Focused, we’re dedicated to achieving the best outcomes possible for you.

Progressive, we’re all for embracing technology to make your (and our!) life easier.

Adaptable, we work flexibly and understand you are an individual. Location isn’t important, we will support you effectively wherever you are in England or Wales.

Fair, we treat you, our team and everyone we work with equitably, courteously and with respect.

Highly recommended!!

A rare ability in a solicitor to put you at immediate ease. He makes what can be a daunting experience so easy to understand and talks in English rather than “legal speak”. The costs are sensible, the service is brilliant. In short, if you find yourself at this diffcult crossroad in life you can’t go wrong.

Here to help and support, whilst saving you money to give you peace of mind