Steps and Legalities Explained in Conveyancing

Transfer of Home Ownership: Steps and Legalities Explained in Conveyancing

Whether you’re stepping into homeownership for the first time, moving in together, or navigating property inheritance, the legal transfer of property ownership is a crucial step in securing your future. Axis Professional understands the importance of clarity and precision in this process. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that looks into the reasons behind property transfer and the legalities involved in conveyancing.
3 Reasons for Property Ownership Transfer
  1. Buying or Selling Property
    In a property transaction, the transfer of ownership is fundamental. It ensures a seamless transition of legal rights and responsibilities from the seller to the buyer, safeguarding both parties’ interests.
  2. Relationship Changes
    People often opt to combine their assets by transferring property ownership into joint names. Similarly, in the event of a divorce or separation, transferring property into a single name might be necessary.
  3. Inheritance
    When the title-holder passes away, the inheritance process involves transferring ownership to the chosen recipient/s.
Simplifying Property Transfer in The Conveyancing Process

Our conveyancing service specialises in the legal process of transferring property ownership, and updating you on the process through our easy-to-navigate portal. We ensure that every step is executed meticulously, including:

  1. Legal Documents Required
    The transfer of property ownership demands specific legal documentation. From deeds and titles to contracts and tax forms, such as the TR1 Form or an AP1 form, our experts meticulously handle the paperwork required for a seamless transfer.
  2. Transferring into Joint Names or Individual Ownership
    Whether you’re transferring a property into one person’s name or multiple names, our conveyancing service tailors the process to suit your unique circumstances, ensuring legal clarity and accuracy.
    3. Gift Transfers
    Simplify the process of dividing ownership by gifting property. Our experts manoeuvre through the legalities involved in this approach, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant transfer.

Axis Professional’s Key2 team recognises that property ownership transfer is a significant step, often entangled in legal complexities. Our conveyancing service aims to simplify this process, without unnecessary appointments and meetings. Our service is carried out predominantly online and our 24-hour online case tracker, which is regularly updated, means you can be confident that we’re working on your case, when we say we are.

Are you selling your home or need your ownership transferring? Contact us today for a seamless property ownership transfer, completed with expertise and precision. We’re proud to say that our quotes are fixed, so there’s no hidden costs for you to worry about. Take a look at our fees on our Key2 Conveyancing page.

Remember, each property transfer scenario is unique, and our professional advice is paramount to ensuring a smooth and legally sound process.

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